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God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla

Kratos emerged onscreen, rowing a boat through a mysterious fog in the livestream of The Game Awards in early December, 2023. I heard thousands of shocked fans in the theater erupt into applause and smiled, knowing that thousands more were doing the same around the world. I felt a sense of mischievous euphoria, witnessing the worldwide gaming community learn about a secret I had been working on. (The last time I felt anything approaching this euphoria was in 2016, at the E3 presentation when God of War was first announced, and I conducted a live orchestra and choir in a rousing rendition of my new theme.) Valhalla would prove to combine intensely satisfying, procedurally generated combat experience with a thoughtful narrative that provided an emotional epilogue to the character arc of series protagonist Kratos.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

When my longtime friend and frequent collaborator Jonathan Steinberg called me to say he was working with author Rick Riordan to develop Riordan’s legendary Percy Jackson novels into a series for Disney+, I knew immediately the show would be visionary. I had worked closely with Jon in the past, including on the symphonically muscular Human Target and the jangling, heavy metal sea shanties of Black Sails, so I knew he would expect the score on his new series to be a confident voice in the storytelling. Working closely with my team of composers at Sparks & Shadows, we combined our creative forces and set out to craft a sweeping, lyrical, thematically driven score to support this epic tale.