The Cloverfield Paradox

Set in orbit above a planet on the brink of war, The Cloverfield Paradox follows the story of a team of scientists as they make a last-ditch effort to solve the Earth’s energy crisis. In a desperate attempt to harness the power of a particle accelerator, the crew unleashes a chaotic and deadly force they cannot explain.

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The Cloverfield Paradox

The Cloverfield Paradox sent shockwaves throughout the entertainment industry when it debuted on Netflix mere hours after its first and only trailer during the Super Bowl. I was thrilled to return to the franchise as a member of the creative team for this ambitious entry in J.J. Abrams’ monster saga, and compose a ‘spiritual successor’ to my previous score in the series, 10 Cloverfield Lane.


LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD: I was fortunate to be brought on board The Cloverfield Paradox early. I had opportunities to visit the set on multiple occasions, and found inspiration wandering through the elaborate and serpentine hallways. I felt an immediate sense of claustrophobia, a memory I would draw upon later while composing the music. While the film was finishing production, I experimented with tones, colors and ambiences, building up a unique sound palette.


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