BG3: “Exodus, Part I”

     The first three episodes underwent some major surgery in the post-production process, even before I was brought on board to score. This is most evident in this week’s “Exodus, Part I.” Scenes that were cut from 301 and 302 got nudged into this week’s episode (the entire D’Anna / baby subplot in fact!), and the battle sequence of the script’s second half evolved into next week’s episode.

     I’m glad this decision was made for two reasons. Firstly, this week’s episode now features extended character development scenes that ran the risk of being cut from the show. Secondly, it means that next week’s episode is the most kick-ass 44 minutes you’ll ever experience!

     “Exodus, Part II” will feature the Uilleann pipes prominently in several key sequences, so I decided to re-introduce the instrument in this episode, as a little foreshadowing. Listen for it in the first act after Tyrol rescues Roslin and Zarek. 


Eric Rigler plays the Uilleann pipes for “Exodus, Part I” at the Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage 

     However, the most obvious use is when Lee departs for the Pegasus and says goodbye to his father. This cue is in fact a re-orchestration of “A Good Lighter” from the Season One soundtrack album (recall that scene and its obviously the proper theme for this moment). I think David and Ron would have been perfectly happy just to use the old version, since the scene was edited to that piece and it worked great. But, we were at the Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage recording both “Exodus, Part I and II” with a live orchestra and I couldn’t resist writing this lush new arrangement. 

     “Exodus, Part I” is a gripping episode, but it’s basically a set up for the climactic “Exodus, Part II.” Whatever you do, don’t miss next week!

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