BG4: “Daybreak” Pop-Quiz!

I just got back to the United States, after attending the premiere of my first ballet, “Prelude to War,” in Germany and, as I predicted, have neither the time nor energy to write a full blog entry for last night’s Daybreak, Pt. I.  I will discuss the complete 3-hour Daybreak in next Friday’s blog, when the final episode airs.

In the meantime, I thought I’d try something fun.  Since my blog has attracted so many extremely perceptive and insightful readers, I’ve decided to put up a little BG SCORE POP QUIZ about last night’s episode. Here are 10 score-related questions about Daybreak, Pt. I.  See how you do and let us know in the comments.  (Click on the theme title for either notation or audio of that theme, and be warned that obviuosly SPOILERS LAY BEYOND)…

1. What theme accompanies the opening of the episode, as we zoom in on Caprica City, before the fall?

A. Wander My Friends
B. Laura Roslin’s Religious Theme
C. Kara’s Destiny Theme
D. Tom Zarek’s Theme
E. None of the Above

2. The bansuri is playing a melody while Laura sits on the couch with her two sisters.  This theme has been heard before when…

A. Laura was sworn into office, in the miniseries
B. Laura and Bill were reunited at the end of The Hub
C. The episode began, as we zoomed in on Caprica
D. Laura dreamt of her mother in Faith
E. John Connor’s jeep exploded in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

3. The first time we see Kara, she’s in her apartment on Caprica making dinner in the kitchen, shortly before Lee arrives at the door.  Any of these themes would have been appropriate, but which one underscored this moment:

A. Starbuck Theme
B. Kara’s Destiny Theme
C. Kara / Lee Love Theme
D. Kara / Anders Love Theme
E. Zak Theme

4. When Gaius yells at his father, the score features a new arrangement of what soundtrack album track?

A. “Baltar Panics” (Season 1)
B. “Battlestar Muzatica” (Season 1)
C. “Roslin and Adama” (Season 2)
D. “Someone to Trust” (Season 3)
E. “Under the Wing” (Season 3)

5. When Laura steps into the fountain, what theme is played by the strings?

A. Roslin and Adama
B. Temple of Five Theme
C. Laura Roslin’s Religious Theme
D. Final Four Theme
E. Sheriff Carter’s Theme from Eureka

6. What instrument and player plays “Wander My Friends” while Adama packs up his office?

A. Acoustic Fiddle, Paul Cartwright
B. Irish Whistle, Eric Rigler
C. Tabla, M.B. Gordy
D. Duduk, Chris Bleth
E. Harmonium, Bear McCreary

7. What theme is in the score while Cavil, Simon and Boomer watch Hera drawing dots?

A. Final Four Theme
B. Boomer / Hera Theme
C. Helo Theme
D. All Along the Watchtower
E. Freebird

8. The scene where Adama is in the memorial hallway is scored with two different themes.  The first plays while he looks at the picture of Hera and Athena.  The second accompanies him returning to the photo and making his decision.  What are these two themes?

A. Boomer / Hera Theme and Wander My Friends
B. Final Four Theme and Tyrol Theme
C. Phelan’s Theme and Novacek’s Theme
D. Baltar’s Theme and Gaeta’s Lament
E. Military Theme and Boomer / Hera Theme

9. After Adama makes his big speech, the crew make their decisions and walk to either side of the red line.  The percussion groove is original, but the harmonic progression is a reference to which previous composition?

A. “Something Dark is Coming” (Season 2
B. “Storming New Caprica” (Season 3)
C. “Prelude to War” (Season 2) 
D. “Battlestar Operatica” (Season 1)
E. None of the Above

10. Later in that same scene, Laura Roslin appears and Bill escorts her down the red line.  What theme is playing in this romantic moment?

A. Roslin and Adama
B. The Shape of Things to Come
C. Wander My Friends
D. Gaeta’s Lament
E. Black Market

Highlight this paragraph to see THE ANSWERS: 1-E, 2-C, 3-A, 4-D, 5-C, 6-B, 7-B, 8-E, 9-C, 10-A

Here are the ranks.  How’d you do?

1 – 3 correct = Cylon Goo Tub Maintenance Worker
4 – 6 correct = Viper Jock
7 – 9 correct = Admiral
10 correct = Total BG Soundtrack Geek! 



PS: A bonus question, just because I’m curious: What do you think will happen in the final episode?



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