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The Boy


In “The Boy,” a new psychological thriller film from Lakeshore and STX Entertainment, Lauren Cohan plays Greta, an American nanny who comes to a work for an English family, only to discover that their son Brahms is a life-sized porcelain doll. The film is smart, intimate and well-paced. I was thrilled to be brought on board to compose the score.

“The Boy” has a disturbing premise, and is genuinely terrifying. (I cringed back into my seat at my first viewing!) And yet, I did not feel compelled to focus on the terror with my music. The film’s success comes from the audience following Greta on her journey. She begins skeptical that Brahms is alive, as any sensible person would be. As the film progresses, she gradually comes to question her senses, her convictions, even her sanity. This was the character arc I wanted to highlight with the score: Greta’s growing relationship with Brahms, and her transformation from skeptic to believer. (more…)

The Forest


When I first heard of Japan’s infamous Aokigahara Forest, nicknamed “The Suicide Forest,” I was immediately fascinated by this terrifying place that is inexplicably the site of numerous suicides each year. David S. Goyer told me he was producing a new theatrical film set in this haunting location, and I was thrilled he asked me to compose its original score. The film opens nationwide tomorrow.


More of a psychological thriller than a horror film, The Forest tells the story of a young American woman named Sara (Natalie Dormer, in a powerful performance) who ventures in Aokigahara Forest in search of her missing twin sister, Jess.  (more…)

Europa Report Sheet Music


In 2013, I scored a smart science fiction thriller called “Europa Report.” Using a found-footage / documentary style, the film tells the story of the first manned mission to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. In both the film and real life, the moon is believed to contain a liquid water ocean beneath its icy surface, as well as the chemical components necessary for life. This makes it an extremely interesting place, both for physical exploration and, of course, a perfect subject for a film. The film garnered rave reviews from fans and critics alike, and has done especially on Netflix. Since “Europa Report” was released, NASA has announced a mission to Europa in the coming decade, ensuring the moon will remain in the public consciousness for years to come.

My main theme for the film was surprisingly melodic. (more…)



My journey working on Everly began at a wedding eight years ago.

The groom was Joe Lynch, the filmmaker for whom I had just finished scoring Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. At the reception, I found myself seated next to the film’s star, Henry Rollins, who regaled the table with fascinating stories of his travels. Joe suddenly pulled up a chair beside me and oddly used this moment to pitch his newest cinematic idea: an action film that takes place in a single room, pitting a fearless prostitute against waves of assassins, led by a gangster named after a taiko drum as an homage to my percussive Battlestar Galactica scores. I knew Joe had a wicked sense of humor, so I laughed. A toast to Taiko then! Glasses clinked above the centerpiece, and we returned to a new Rollins story as Joe slipped past to the next table. As the evening wore on, and the champagne wore off, I began to fixate on what Joe had said. Might he have been serious about that movie? Furious taiko drums flooded my imagination. The seeds of my Everly score were planted. (more…)

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie


As a life-long fan of video games, I have often sought out projects where I could subtly reference the videogame music I remember fondly from my youth. I threw that subtlety out the window with my adventurous score to “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.” Check out exclusive soundtrack excerpts and interviews with me and James in my new video blog:



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