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Play For Japan

My original composition, “Maverick Regeneration,” is available today on iTunes as part of the “Play For Japan” benefit album for Japan Disaster Relief.

As I watched the images pouring in from Japan last March, the sheer destruction was nearly impossible to comprehend.  Like so many others, I wanted desperately to offer some sort of help to the Japanese people.  Composer Akira Yamaoka clearly felt the same when he produced the benefit album “Play for Japan.” (more…)

Fanfare for Final NASA Shuttle Mission

(Photo Credit: NASA / Terry Zaperach)

Writing music for “Battlestar Galactica” and “Caprica,” I have set music to some incredible events in outer space.  I’ve accompanied spaceships and nebulae, black holes and supernovas.  However, these cosmic phenomena shared one thing in common:  they were all fiction.  But, this week, I am deeply honored that my music will now provide an emotional backdrop for a space event that is very real indeed: the final NASA Shuttle Launch in United States history.

Fanfare for STS-135

My original composition, “Fanfare for STS-135,” will premiere this Friday morning (July 8th) at the NASA launch TweetUp event, and will also be heard by the crowds throughout the other locations at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  If you aren’t among the lucky spectators, the fanfare may turn up on NASA TV and the official website as well.  A downloadable recording of “Fanfare for STS-135” is planned for the fall.

Inspired specifically by this launch, the fanfare recording was produced by myself, actor / filmmaker Seth Green and director / writer Michael Dougherty.  Seth and Michael’s enthusiasm and  support was instrumental in bringing this piece to life. (more…)

How the Nerd Stole Christmas

My newest score, a special holiday treat for you all, just went online a few days ago.  I collaborated with the supremely funny James Rolfe (a.k.a The Angry Video Game Nerd) and scored his final game review for 2010, “How the Nerd Stole Christmas:”

So, how did this crazy collaboration happen?  Check out the following “making-of” video, for exclusive interviews with James and myself, and behind-the-scenes footage from our recording session.  And since you’ve all been good boys and girls, at the bottom of this entry, there’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of both the song and score from the film!


Bear @GoogleTalks

A few weeks ago, I was honored with an invitation to speak at Google, as part of their @Google Series.  The entire presentation is now available in HD on YouTube, or you can see it right here:

For the presentation, Raya Yarbrough interviewed me about my early musical life, career, creative process, influences and turn ons… well, musical turn ons anyway.

Like most music education seminars, we had a grand piano and full-size Cylon Centurian on stage with us! (more…)


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