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OFFICIAL DATES: “Music of Battlestar Galactica” SoCal Tour, Summer ’09!


Last year, my orchestra and I performed two SOLD OUT shows at the famed Roxy Theater in Los Angeles and the overwhelming response from fans around the world brings us back to the stage this summer in FOUR LIVE CONCERT EVENTS.

Saturday, June 13th
Grand Performances Series
in Downtown Los Angeles

The concert at this gorgeous outdoor venue will be FREE ADMISSION.

Thursday, July 23rd
Friday, July 24th
Saturday, July 25th
The House of Blues
 in San Diego


“Prelude to War” Ballet Premiere in Germany

Last Friday I was very fortunate to attend the world premiere performance of “Prelude to War,” my ballet based on my scores for Battlestar Galactica.  The ballet was performed by the outstanding dancers of the Theaterhagen, in Hagen, Germany.  The choreography was by the resident choreographer Ricardo Fernando, and the orchestra was conducted by Bernhard Steiner.

When I was first approached about writing a ballet based on my Galactica scores, I leapt at the opportunity to translate my music to a new medium.  From my initial discussions with Ricardo it was clear that he and I shared a similar vision of the ballet.  We wanted to create a new and exciting narrative, using the music of the series but completely stripping it from the context of the show.

“Prelude to War” World Premiere Performance in March!

March 7th, 2009 will mark the first European performance of my music: The World Premiere of “Prelude to War” by the Hagen Philharmonic and Ballet of the Hagen Theatre in Germany.  It will run throughout the spring, for 13 weeks.

“Prelude” is based on my scores for Battlestar Galactica, incorporating music from all four seasons (see the full program order below).  The orchestra will be in the pit, but the taiko drums will share the stage with the dancers, incorporating their movements and energy into the visual performance.  This ballet tells no specific narrative, but rather allows the dancers, lights, taiko drum ensemble and full orchestra to come together and support the story within the music itself.


BG Roxy Concert Videos on G4!

UPDATED 7-27-08:  G4’s timeframe to run the videos expired, so the videos finally came down. Hope you enjoyed them while they lasted!  

For those of you who missed the concert we did at The Roxy last month, is running complete music videos of two songs, Roslin and Adama and Fight Night.


BG Roxy Concert Footage on G4!

UPDATED 7-27-08:  G4’s timeframe to run the videos expired, so the videos finally came down. Hope you enjoyed them while they lasted! is running exclusive concert footage of the recent Music of Battlestar Galactica at the Roxy Theatre!  It features interviews with myself, singers Brendan McCreary and Raya Yarbrough, and our MC for the evening, Kandyse “Dualla” McClure.  You’ll also hear clips from our performances of Fight Night and Roslin and Adama.

If this segment gets enough clicks, they’re ready to run FULL MUSIC VIDEOS of those two songs, so pass that url to your buddies!

And check out the absolutely stunning photographs from both concerts, as well as a full band rehearsal, from the lens of Andrew Craig, who does amazing work.  These are some of the best pictures of our band ever taken:



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