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Human Target: Salvage and Reclamation

SPOILERS BEYOND: The most recent episode of “Human Target,” Lockdown, allowed me to expand my compositional technique.  I made a conscious effort to write music with more layers and activity, that made better use of the diverse instruments within the orchestra.  The resultant score was more dynamic, effective and genuinely orchestral.  For Salvage and Reclamation, I pushed this approach considerably further.  In sheer scale and expression, this score blows away any of my previous orchestral compositions and will forever change the way “Human Target” sounds.

In addition to expanding both the size of the orchestra and the way I wrote for the ensemble, I also introduced the first use of ethnic colors to the score.  (This is the polar negative of the BSG score, where orchestral sounds snuck into the mostly ethnic score towards the end of the first season.)  Because the story takes place high up in the Andes in South America, I infused the score with traditional pan flutes, quena, latin percussion and mallet instruments. (more…)

Human Target: Lockdown

SPOILERS AHEAD: Lockdown was the most challenging episode of “Human Target” yet. Like most, it has enough action scenes to be its own little feature film. However, I also stretched myself creatively and found new ways of approaching composition and orchestration, refining general musical philosophies and techniques that proved incredibly effective.  In fact, this score may end up being one of those occasional creative turning points that forever change the way I approach my music.

Each episode of “Human Target” begins with a unique orchestration and arrangement of the main theme.  Until now, the one element in common between each intro music has been the mood: generally ambient, spooky and mysterious.  However, Lockdown begins with an unusually thrilling intro, as we cut directly to Chance in a freefall from thirty thousand feet.  This time, I wrote a title card that feels more like the beginning of an action cue, because that’s exactly what it is:


Human Target: Run

SPOILERS RUNNING AHEAD: Tonight’s episode of “Human Target,” Run, pits Chance against corrupt cops out to get a DA who would expose them.  The score introduces a new theme and provides several epic action and dramatic cues.

Every episode’s opening title card features a unique orchestration of the Chance Theme.  After last week’s exotic boys choir arrangement, this week’s is relatively simple.  Violins and English horn state the melody against an ascending bass line:

[audio:|titles=Human Target – Run Title Card]

Immediately after the title, the low strings introduce the new theme for Run, the Alison Theme: (more…)

Human Target: Sanctuary

SPOILERS AHEAD: The gentle refrains of a boys choir float down, as if from a celestial balcony, as we are transported to a monastery in the mountains. The opening ten seconds of Sanctuary promise something special, and the rest of the episode does not disappoint. Here, the mythology behind the main characters is explored further and the score bursts across the episode with new character themes and a larger, more operatic approach.

(Session photography courtesy of Andrew Craig)

The element of the score that stands out the most is, of course, the boys choir. The producers and I wanted to open the episode strong, with music that simultaneously communicates fun, energy, adventure and a credible Catholic undertone, to help establish the monastery setting. I never thought we’d actually get a choir, because they are extremely expensive, but the series producers believed in the idea and made it happen. A Wednesday night idea, Thursday morning budget approval, Friday afternoon composition and Saturday orchestration led to a Sunday choral session!


Human Target: Embassy Row

This entry presents my first official VIDEO BLOG:

SPOILERS AHEAD: Embassy Row shows Chance’s search for a spy who killed his former colleague Danny.  In the process, he fights henchmen, rouge double agents, jumps a motorcycle over armed guards and joins forces with a sexy government agent.  All in a day’s work for Christopher Chance!



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