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Human Target: Rewind

SPOILERS AHEAD: Human Target‘s second episode airs tonight, now in its regular Wednesday timeslot.  Rewind takes Chance from a speeding train to a crashing jet, and also allows Chi McBride’s Winston to get involved in the action.  The pilot was scored with a pretty large orchestra, and surprisingly, Rewind was recorded with an even bigger ensemble.  As a result, the score is even more bombastic and powerful.  And where the pilot scored strove only to introduce the Chance Theme, here I have begun to expand the thematic texture of the series.


Human Target: Pilot

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Tonight the series Human Target premieres on FOX, featuring my original score and Main Title Theme.  This score is arguably the most ambitious, audacious and shamelessly romantic of my career to date.  Unlike anything I’ve done in the past (and 99.9% of everything on television), it is recorded every week with a full orchestra of live musicians.  The sheer scale of this music dwarfs my efforts on Galactica: the average HT orchestra is nearly double the size of the largest group I was ever afforded on BSG.

(Click image above for full-res panoramic.  All session photography by Andrew Craig.)

While working with a full orchestra every week was part of what initially drew me to this project, it is not what makes this series so enjoyable.  The real thrill of scoring Human Target comes from the unprecedented creative freedom I’ve been given to create the kind of sweeping, thematic and adventurous score largely absent from both the small and large screen in recent years.

And while the heart of the score is old school, its not a throwback or a parody.  The arrangements and instrumentation have their roots in classic film scores, but are also simultaneously contemporary with my work on BSG and T:TSCC.  My goal was to create a continuation of classic orchestral scores, not a regurgitation of them.


January Premieres: Human Target, Dark Void & Caprica

Next week is a good time to be a fan of big, kick-ass orchestral Bear McCreary scores, because I have (count’em) three new scores premiering in a single week, each recorded with a full orchestra!  And all three projects have sweeping character themes woven into the music, featuring some of the best melodies I’ve ever written in my life. First up…


Don’t let the cheesy pop music from the ads fool you:  Human Target has a thematic and lyrical orchestral score, inspired by the classic scores of Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein and John Williams.  One of the only shows on TV with a weekly orchestral score, this could be the largest and most ambitious TV music in decades.  The typical HT orchestra is literally twice as big as the largest orchestra I ever had on BSG. Soundtrack fans will not want to miss this one!  Then, two days later…

Human Target Screens Today

The cat’s out of the bag:  I am scoring FOX’s comic book action series HUMAN TARGET.  I’ve already completed music for the pilot, with a full orchestra recorded at the Warner Bros. Scoring Stage.  The score is epic, bombastic and, above all, tons of fun (I’ll put up audio clips in the coming weeks).  I think that any soundtrack, BSG or general Bear fans will fall in love with it!  🙂

It screens today at Comic Con from 4:45 to 5:55 in Room 6A.  

I will be at the convention this afternoon, signing BSG Season 4 CDs, at the Screen Archives Booth.  Its #429, at the North end of the floor.  About the size of an 8th of a booth, its easy to miss.  But, I’m guessing the crowd won’t be.



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