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BG4: “No Exit” – Exclusive Final Five Interviews, Pt. 1

In the mid-season premiere, Sometimes a Great Notion, we learned remarkable truths about Earth, the Cylons and the Final Five.  Now that the mutiny of the past three episodes is finally resolved, No Exit and next week’s Deadlock fill in the back story and details of the lives of the Final Five.

To pay tribute to these two Cylon centered episodes, I present an Exclusive Interview with the Actors Behind the Final Five!  This week, I spoke with Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol), Michael Trucco (Sam Anders) and Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster).  


Bruce Broughton Interview: Scoring for Animation

This entry is the first in what I hope will become a continuing series of interviews with industry professionals.  Rather than comprehensive, career-spanning interviews, I will focus on one project or aspect of a person’s career that relates to an experience of my own.  Loyal readers can enjoy in-depth detail, and I have the chance to learn something professionally valuable.  The format will be unusual, since half the blog will be interview and the rest my own experiences and inevitable opinions.  But the interviews will be easy to spot if you want to scan ahead to the pearls of wisdom from people far more knowledgeable than myself.

For this first interview, I’m thrilled to have spoken with renowned composer Bruce Broughton.  I’ve loved Bruce’s work ever since I was a kid, when I first heard his knock-out scores for Young Sherlock Holmes and Silverado.  The latter project, combined with his brilliant work for Tombstone, instigated my life-long love affair with classic Westerns and their scores. 

My interview focuses on one of his most under-appreciated credits: Tiny Toons Adventures.  I always adored his ­Looney-Tunes-inspired score for this now-classic series, but my admiration grew tenfold when I had a brief opportunity to follow in his footsteps, writing a full-fledged orchestral animation score for this loveable little scamp, Atomic Al:




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