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SOCOM 4 Score on iTunes

The highly-anticipated SONY Playstation 3 release SOCOM 4 comes out next week.  I’m thrilled to announce that my soundtrack album for this groundbreaking videogame is coming out as well, in multiple formats. Today, the score album is available on iTunes and Playstation Network. And on May 10th, La La Land Records will issue an expanded two-disc edition.  The physical CD release will include every track from its digital counterpart, as well as nearly an hour of additional music, a full-color booklet with liner notes from myself and the developers… and, perhaps, a hidden surprise for all you good boys and girls! 🙂


How the Nerd Stole Christmas

My newest score, a special holiday treat for you all, just went online a few days ago.  I collaborated with the supremely funny James Rolfe (a.k.a The Angry Video Game Nerd) and scored his final game review for 2010, “How the Nerd Stole Christmas:”

So, how did this crazy collaboration happen?  Check out the following “making-of” video, for exclusive interviews with James and myself, and behind-the-scenes footage from our recording session.  And since you’ve all been good boys and girls, at the bottom of this entry, there’s a FREE DOWNLOAD of both the song and score from the film!


I am Scoring SOCOM 4 (UPDATED)

… and one of you will get to attend the next orchestral session! recently announced a contest for an all-expenses-paid trip to hang out with me during our final SOCOM 4 recording session, at an “ultra-awesome, secret location in Northern California.”  (I wonder where it could be? **cough!**cough!**)

The game is my second (or technically third) entry into the video game world, after my scores for Dark Void and Dark Void Zero.  The most technically ambitious entry in Sony’s groundbreaking hit series, SOCOM 4 will feature a score unlike any other. (more…)

Bear @GoogleTalks

A few weeks ago, I was honored with an invitation to speak at Google, as part of their @Google Series.  The entire presentation is now available in HD on YouTube, or you can see it right here:

For the presentation, Raya Yarbrough interviewed me about my early musical life, career, creative process, influences and turn ons… well, musical turn ons anyway.

Like most music education seminars, we had a grand piano and full-size Cylon Centurian on stage with us! (more…)

Two Dark Void Soundtracks Released Tuesday!

I’m thrilled to announce that Capcom and Sumthing Else will release two Dark Void albums this Tuesday, February 9th.  Of course, the first and most essential is the 80-minute album Dark Void, Original Video Game Score. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a single CD of mine better check this out, because it ranks right up there with the best albums I’ve ever put together.  Second (perhaps) only to the double-disc BSG Season 4 album, this music is the most sweeping, epic and kick ass soundtrack I’ve ever created.

There’s little I can say about the score I didn’t already discuss in depth in this here.  Every theme and unique soloist can be found on the album.  Here’s the scoop on the official track list with exclusive audio clips: (more…)


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