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The Dark Void Score

DARK VOID, the first video game I’ve ever scored, is released today for X-Box, PS3 and PC!

MODERATE GAME PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD: When I was a kid, I was enthralled with Capcom’s Mega Man II. I battled mechanized evil robots and saved the day as the curiously bombastic 8-bit music seeped into my imagination. Those catchy melodies and bold arrangements, realized in glorious sine wave synthesis, were among my first musical influences. I dreamt of one day creating my own video game score, one that could grow past the limitations of 8-bit hardware and match the scope and breadth of the orchestral film scores I also adored. Exactly twenty years later, Capcom would give me that chance, offering me the score to Dark Void.

Having spent the first several years of my musical career scoring television and films, I approached writing for an interactive medium with no previous models in mind. And I sought none. As an avid life-long gamer, I knew what I wanted to hear: a swashbuckling orchestral score in keeping with the grand story. I wanted the music to constantly adapt, as if it were being written specifically for the gamer, with virtually no repetition whatsoever. I sat down with the development team at Airtight Games and described to them my musical aspirations. They said this was impossible, and thus, I knew we were on the right track.


The Dark Void Zero Score

DARK VOID ZERO is released on DSiWare today!  PC and iPhone aps are coming soon.  I scored the game in a completely authentic 8-bit style, based on the musical themes of my orchestral score to Dark Void.

[audio:|titles=Dark Void Zero – Main Theme]

Dark Void Zero is a prequel story to the events of Dark Void, which comes out tomorrow for X-Box, PS3 and PC.  The evolution of my completely 8-bit Dark Void Zero score began last spring, when Capcom announced me as the composer for Dark Void. As part of an April Fool’s prank, Capcom and I released a track I created called “Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version).”

I created that track during my last days of composing the real Dark Void score as a way to thank to gang at Capcom for such a rewarding and creative experience.


January Premieres: Human Target, Dark Void & Caprica

Next week is a good time to be a fan of big, kick-ass orchestral Bear McCreary scores, because I have (count’em) three new scores premiering in a single week, each recorded with a full orchestra!  And all three projects have sweeping character themes woven into the music, featuring some of the best melodies I’ve ever written in my life. First up…


Don’t let the cheesy pop music from the ads fool you:  Human Target has a thematic and lyrical orchestral score, inspired by the classic scores of Jerry Goldsmith, Elmer Bernstein and John Williams.  One of the only shows on TV with a weekly orchestral score, this could be the largest and most ambitious TV music in decades.  The typical HT orchestra is literally twice as big as the largest orchestra I ever had on BSG. Soundtrack fans will not want to miss this one!  Then, two days later…

Dark Void Zero

Gamespot made the exclusive announcement today of what will technically be my video game debut: DARK VOID ZERO!

Check out the official trailer:

As you can read in the Gamespot articleDark Void Zero is a prequel story to the events of the upcoming console / PC game Dark Void, which is also released next month. Capcom not only turned back the clock on the story… they did it with the technology as well.  The entire game is lovingly rendered in 8-bit graphics and sound, adhering to the limitations and aesthetic of 1980s video games.  And yes, that means I wrote the entire score 8-bit!!



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