Comic Con Concerts: What Did You Think?

Hey Gang… 

Wow.  So much going on at Comic Con here. The first day was INTENSE!  Richard Hatch’s panel was amazing and I think the first live concert we played was easily the best show the Orchestra has put on yet.  Eddie Olmos was an amazing MC, and the surprise visits from Richard Hatch, Luciana Carro and Michael Hogan brought the house down… not to mention the surprise duet with me and Katee Sackhoff playing All Along the Watchtower on piano.

I’ll eventually write an entry about the shows, and put up some photos and media clips.  But, in the meantime, check out our official Twitter (@bsglive) and the blog that we’re running on the official band website (  Percussionist Jonathan Ortega is writing it up and he has great insight, cool photos, and a wicked sense of humor!

The only thing that bummed me out tonight: I saw some General Admission audience members being turned away from the signing after the show and it just made me crazy (I always wanted to do a big signing for everybody in the first place).  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to make damn sure that EVERYONE at the concerts can come to the signing afterwards.  I want a chance to meet all of you!  Consider this an official announcement!

Besides, we’re selling the Season 4 CDs and every other record I’ve done as well as limited edition posters, including this killer design by Andrew Craig.  You can all pick them up and get them signed by the entire orchestra!

Welcome To The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra Blog!

Even though I’m still pumped, it’s almost 3am and I need to go to sleep to do all this again.  Tomorrow at noon, stop by the CAPCOM Booth for the Dark Void Q&A and signing and get the scoop on this exciting new game score I wrote.  Also, Saturday from 1 to 3 pm, I’ll be down on the floor signing BG Season 4 CDs at the Screen Archives Booth.  

And SATURDAY EVENING, is the premiere of my newest TV project, here at the convention.  I’ll announce tomorrow what it is!  🙂

And I promise, I’ll write up some sort of entry about the shows next week.  In the meantime, log in below and tell me what you thought about them!




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