Dark Void Zero

Gamespot made the exclusive announcement today of what will technically be my video game debut: DARK VOID ZERO!

Check out the official trailer:

As you can read in the Gamespot articleDark Void Zero is a prequel story to the events of the upcoming console / PC game Dark Void, which is also released next month. Capcom not only turned back the clock on the story… they did it with the technology as well.  The entire game is lovingly rendered in 8-bit graphics and sound, adhering to the limitations and aesthetic of 1980s video games.  And yes, that means I wrote the entire score 8-bit!!

“We’re also pleased to hear that Bear McCreary has also gotten into the act as the veteran composer, who is doing the score for the console game and has done the music for Dark Void Zero. McCreary apparently got his hands on some old sound equipment to ensure the material would sound authentic and went to town for the DS game’s music, which surely sounds of the era.” – Gamespot

Next month, I’ll post a blog entry detailing how this crazy retro game came to life.  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer and the three gameplay videos running on Gamespot, that feature music from the first level.




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