“Prelude to War” World Premiere Performance in March!

March 7th, 2009 will mark the first European performance of my music: The World Premiere of “Prelude to War” by the Hagen Philharmonic and Ballet of the Hagen Theatre in Germany.  It will run throughout the spring, for 13 weeks.

“Prelude” is based on my scores for Battlestar Galactica, incorporating music from all four seasons (see the full program order below).  The orchestra will be in the pit, but the taiko drums will share the stage with the dancers, incorporating their movements and energy into the visual performance.  This ballet tells no specific narrative, but rather allows the dancers, lights, taiko drum ensemble and full orchestra to come together and support the story within the music itself.

This live performance will be very different than the performances at the Roxy in Los Angeles last spring. I selected much larger, more epic pieces than were featured in those concerts because I now have a full orchestra at my disposal.  Performing works such as “Prelude to War,” “Passacaglia” and “Diaspora Oratorio” were simply not possible at the smaller LA venue.  I’m thrilled that there is finally an opportunity to hear them in concert.

The program order will highlight many newer works from Season 4, including a suite from Sometimes a Great Notion.  It will also include several outstanding pieces from the first three seasons:


“Prelude to War”

A Ballet for Orchestra, Dancers and Taiko Ensemble
Music by Bear McCreary
Based on the score to “Battlestar Galactica”

I. Prelude to War
            (from Pegasus and Resurrection Ship, Pt. II)
II. Passacaglia
            (from Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Pt. I)
III. Baltar’s Followers
            (from He That Believeth… and Escape Velocity)
IV. The Ressurection Hub
            (from The Hub)
V. Among the Ruins
            (from Sometimes a Great Notion)
VI. Fight Night
            (from Unfinished Business)
VII. Roslin and Adama
            (from Resurrection Ship, Pt. I & II)
VIII. The Signal
            (from Revelations)
IX. Diaspora Oratorio
            (from Revelations)


The choreography is by Ricardo Fernando, and the orchestra will be conducted by Bernard Steiner.   The orchestral arrangements were created by James Hopkins.

The ballet will premiere March 7th, 2009 and run for 13 weeks. 

Tickets and more information are available from the Theater’s Official Site.
The box office phone number is 0049/2331/2073218.

I plan on attending the premiere performance.  I hope to finally meet some of my many European fans. 

So Say We All!


PS: There are only a few weeks to spread the word, here, so I’d appreciate any help from you guys.  If you visit any other BG forums, please pass this link around.  Let’s make sure all the fans in Europe are aware of it. Many thanks!



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