The Season 4 CD: What do you want to hear?

With the final episodes of Galactica beginning to air in less than a week, I’m starting to think about the fourth season soundtrack CD.  With each album, I lavish weeks (and sometimes months) re-recording, re-mixing, editing and mastering to provide the ultimate BG listening experience.  

By far the toughest part of each album is deciding what songs make the cut.  My first pass at each CD has always yielded at least two hours of album-worthy music.  But, I can usually trim it down to the best 80 minutes worth and not feel like I’ve lost anything too important.

Season 4 is going to be more difficult, however.  After scoring the first half of the season, my “best of the best of the best” selections came out to 90 minutes of music.  And I personally think my score in the second half of the season is even better than in the first.  So, there will be a lot to choose from.

I know some of you are clamoring for a double album, but I really want to create a single-disc soundtrack: a companion piece for the other 3 already released.  I think that the best 80 minutes from season 4 will outshine all the other albums I’ve released to date and I don’t want to run the risk of watering it down.  Rest assured, though, that once the Season 4 album is finished, I’ll assemble a disc or two worth of extras… the cues that didn’t make any other soundtracks so far.

However, I need your help deciding what goes on the Season 4 album.  What have you heard so far that has caught your ear?  As you watch these last 11 hours of the series, leave a comment here when you hear a cue that you really want on the album.  This will be a useful resource for me when I start narrowing the choices down.

I’ll get the ball rolling.  Here are the cues from the first half of the season that I consider undeniably album-worthy material:

  1. “Husker in Combat”
    The battle flashback from Razor, featuring Stu Phillips’ classic theme
  2. “Baltar’s Cult”
    The choral chant sung in He That Believeth… 
  3. “Farewell Apollo”
    This season’s big arrangement of “Wander My Friends,” from Six of One
  4. “The Ties that Bind” 
    Cally’s descent into madness in The Ties that Bind
  5. “Gaeta’s Lament”
    from Guess What’s Coming to Dinner? (possibly an instrumental and vocal version?)
  6. “The Resurrection Hub”
    from The Hub
  7. “The Signal” and “Diaspora Oratorio”
    from Revelations
I’m eager to hear what you all think.  Help me out here, and I’ll assemble the best possible Season 4 album.
So Say We All,



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