Three Pieces for Trio


Three Pieces for Trio is finally available from CD Baby! This new work was commissioned by flutist Jenni Scott and is featured on her self-titled debut CD. Scored for accordion, alto flute and bass, these pieces are not like anything you’ve heard before. It’s pretty hard to explain actually, so take a listen if you like:

Three Pieces for Trio excerpts:

Typewriter Two-Step



When I wrote these for Jenni, I realized that it was the first time since I began scoring Battlestar Galactica that I had written concert music. Hell, it was the first time in almost 2 years that I wrote music that wasn’t scored to picture! How did that happen??

As a result, this work was one of the most satisfying musical experiences I might have ever had. No imminent deadlines, no picture, no time restraints, no demos or mock-ups, no overdubs… nothing but these three instruments and my imagination. My goal initially was to simply write music that was fun to listen to. However, somewhere along the way, I also ended up writing what I believe is some of the most sophisticated music I’ve written in years.

I had almost forgotten what a totally different (and joyous) experience it is to write music under these conditions. I guess when you write 20 straight hours of music for taiko drums and duduk without taking a break… that sort of thing can happen!

Anyway, this is called a “Battlestar Galactica” blog so I won’t use it solely as an ad for my side projects (buy my new CD! buy my new CD!). I am just finishing up the first two-hour episode and moving on to the following one. That episode actually turned out so epic that they recently split it into two shows. The second half of that split contains one of the most exhilarating action sequences I’ve seen… like, ever. I jumped out of my chair during the spotting session!

You’re all in for a treat in October…



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