Two Dark Void Soundtracks Released Tuesday!

I’m thrilled to announce that Capcom and Sumthing Else will release two Dark Void albums this Tuesday, February 9th.  Of course, the first and most essential is the 80-minute album Dark Void, Original Video Game Score. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a single CD of mine better check this out, because it ranks right up there with the best albums I’ve ever put together.  Second (perhaps) only to the double-disc BSG Season 4 album, this music is the most sweeping, epic and kick ass soundtrack I’ve ever created.

There’s little I can say about the score I didn’t already discuss in depth in this here.  Every theme and unique soloist can be found on the album.  Here’s the scoop on the official track list with exclusive audio clips:

Dark Void

Original Video Game Score by Bear McCreary

1. Theme from Dark Void

[audio:|titles=Theme from Dark Void]

2. Prologue and Main Title
3. Village Attack
4. A Mysterious Jungle
5. Altar Sacrifice
6. Archon

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Archon]

7. Ava and the Rocket
8. Tesla’s Laboratory

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Tesla’s Laboratory]

9. The Prophecized One
10. Taking Flight
11. Crash Site
12. Void Requiem

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Void Requiem]

13. Ava and Tesla Return
14. Above the Canopy

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Above the Canopy]

15. Hieroglyphs and Betrayal

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Hieroglyphs and Betrayal]

16. Defending the Ark

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Defending the Ark]

17. The Collector

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – The Collector]

18. Survivor Camp Combat

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Survivor Camp Combat]

19. The Watcher Airship
20. Watcher Prison
21. The Imperator
22. Will and Ava
23. The Dweller

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – The Dweller]

24. Ava’s Sacrifice

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – Ava’s Sacrifice]

25. Will at the River
26. Dark Void End Credits

[audio:|titles=Dark Void – End Credits]

27. Theme from Dark Void (Mega Version Bonus Track)

Early reviews for the Dark Void soundtrack are all positive:

“Some of the most exciting and original sounding compositions for a video game you may hear this year.  It has already earned heavy rotation status amongst my personal listening.”

“Fantastic, with an energy that only live performers can bring to real music… Engaging and almost swashbuckling thematic writing and scoring that works very well on its own.  It is the first great video game score out of the gate this year.”

And this second one just blows my mind, because I never thought it would happen.  We’re releasing a soundtrack album for my 8-bit score to Dark Void Zero, available exclusively on iTunes for $1.99 (a pretty awesome deal for 9 tracks!).  I also analyzed this score in depth in this blog entry, detailing both my compositional process and the technical aspects of re-creating that classic NES sound.

If you want the true musical experience, definitely pick them both up.  The DVZ score contains musical material from DV, and is really a companion piece.  The Dark Void musical journey is not complete without it.  Again, track list and exclusive audio clips:

Dark Void Zero

Original Video Game Score by Bear McCreary

1. Theme From Dark Void Zero (Short)

[audio:|titles=Dark Void Zero – Theme from Dark Void Zero]

2. Valley of Doom

[audio:|titles=Dark Void Zero – Valley of Doom]

3. Scientific Complex

[audio:|titles=Dark Void Zero – Scientific Complex]

4. Boss Battle and Game Over
5. High Scores
6. Inner Sanctum

[audio:|titles=Dark Void Zero – Inner Sanctum]

7. Final Boss Battle
8. Dark Void Zero Cinematic
9. Theme from Dark Void Zero (Full)

So, get your hands on these albums and crank those earphones and car stereos up!  Many of you have asked about signed copies.  While nothing has been confirmed yet, I’m trying to set up a signing at Dark Delicacies in late February, to celebrate the release of both Dark Void and Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and Razor soundtracks.  Dark Delicacies is great because you don’t have to even be there to get signed albums, you can order them from their website.  However, like I said, nothing is scheduled yet.  Keep an eye out here in the coming weeks for details.

Dark Void is available from, iTunes and wherever else CDs are sold.  (And ordering it through this link helps me out a bit!)  Dark Void Zero is available on iTunes and from Sumthing Digital’s website.  These two records represent the most joy I’ve ever had writing music and I’m eager to hear what you guys think of them.




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