New Website and Forum!

Finally, the new and improved is online and ready for prime time!  My previous website (which dated back to somewhere between the Triassic and Permian eras) had served me well, but it was time to create a new site that integrates my blog, multimedia and social media.  So, I hope you will spend a few minutes poking around the site and exploring.  There’s a lot to discover:


See that glowing PLAY button up there, calling to you?  Click on it while you’re browsing the site.  I’ve handpicked my favorite tracks from various projects to play back randomly. If you want to hear and see more, check out…


There are a ton of audio and video clips online, some of which are exclusive to this site.  I’ve chosen my favorite cues and clips from each project I’ve worked on and assembled them here.  There’s also a new photo gallery, with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from set locations, scoring sessions and concerts.


I now have an official forum!  This is more than a place to come together and bitch about soundtracks (but we can use it for that too!).  I want to use this forum as a sounding board for what soundtrack fans are hearing and experiencing with the music I’m writing.  What do you guys like?  What works?  What doesn’t?  What do you want to hear on future albums?  These are all questions that have popped up on my blog comments and Twitter, but always get lost in the shuffle.  Here, we can keep the discussion going.  I have a lot of plans, including some forum contests, calls for fan-made music and lyrics, etc.  But, I also want to know what you guys want to do with this.  We have this online community space.  Let’s make something special out of it!


Finally all my merch is available in one place.  Every soundtrack I’ve ever produced as well as the sheet music book are here.  This section of the site will expand in the future, to include exclusive posters, recording memorabilia and other cool goodies, so keep an eye out.


In my old site, this was a well-intentioned mess of hundreds of articles.  Now, we’ve streamlined and narrowed it down to interviews, reviews and articles that are the most informative.  There are some great contemporary articles here, like my recent MSNBC interview about SOCOM 4, and even some long-lost gems like the USC Daily Trojan first reporting that I began work on “Battlestar Galactica” in 2003.


There is now a single, comprehensive list of my future and past concert performances. Tickets are available now to my Tribute to Freddie Mercury at The Roxy Theatre, or you can browse information on previous concerts.  And when new concerts are announced, this will be the first place to grab your tickets.

Many people have contributed to this new site, and it wouldn’t exist without them.  I would especially like to thank Igor Zytka and his remarkable team at Webolution for their hard work and dedication in bringing this website to life.  Also, a big shout out to Kevin Porter and David Matics for helping organize all the multimedia components.  There was a ton of stuff to sift through!

Have fun with the new website!  There will be a lot of activity here in the coming months, including weekly blog entries and new video blogs every Sunday night for new episodes of The Walking Dead, starting this Sunday October 16th.  There will also be announcements about new scores, soundtrack albums and other fun stuff, so check back often.  Sign up at the forum and let me know what you think of the new site!




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