So Very 21st Century

      The overhauled website is finally done, so this seemed the perfect time to put the blog up as well. How very “21st Century” of me. I’ll try to update this as often as possible. Once Battlestar Galactica goes back on the air, check back each Friday for the weekly dirt on that episode’s score and the enthralling antics that go into getting this music finished. I might even throw some freebie music samples up here from time to time.

      So what have I been up to since Season Two wrapped? I’ve had plenty of Galactica work still on my plate! We’ve put together an awesome Season Two Soundtrack CD, with even more diverse and exciting music than the first one. We also have a live show of the score for all you fans out there (details are here). Don’t miss out! We won’t be doing another live performance for a very long time…            

      …speaking of the live show, as I write this, I just realized that I’m late for our first rehearsal. Gotta run! Big thanks to all the Battlestar fans out there watching (and listening). 

So Say We All,




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