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Wrong Turn 2 Soundtrack Album


     Thanks to everybody who showed up at the signing last week! Wrong Turn 2 has finally come out on DVD and has been getting incredible reviews. I’m fortunate enough to have gotten a CD release from La La Land Records, which is also now shipping. Autographed copies are available from the label’s website.

     The movie is a lot more fun than it has any right to be, considering it’s a straight to DVD sequel. Director Joe Lynch threw blood by the bucket loads and let everyone in the film have fun with it. The music was no exception. Traditional horror score cliches were replaced by fiddles, banjos, accordions, washboards and jugs… the bluegrass band from hell.


     Here’s me, kicking the unholy hell out of Joe’s ass at Guitar Hero II. I don’t mean to gloat. I’m really not very good. He just sucks at it, I guess. 



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