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Bear @GoogleTalks

A few weeks ago, I was honored with an invitation to speak at Google, as part of their @Google Series.  The entire presentation is now available in HD on YouTube, or you can see it right here:

For the presentation, Raya Yarbrough interviewed me about my early musical life, career, creative process, influences and turn ons… well, musical turn ons anyway.

Like most music education seminars, we had a grand piano and full-size Cylon Centurian on stage with us! (more…)

New Docs: Dark Void, T:TSCC & Eureka

There are some new cool documentaries out there worth pointing out. First up: has a Dark Void Character Development Diary:

This is a wonderful look at the evolution of the characters in the game, told by the producers and developers themselves.  There’s an interesting comparison between typical blank-canvas videogame archetypes and actual, interesting characters.  The game’s strong narrative structure is what made it such a joy to write music for.  There’s a good story that required multiple character themes and musical development along the lines of my work on T:TSCC and BSG.

Speaking of the Dark Void score, this documentary is by far the best sneak peak yet at a bunch of my cues written for the game.  Previous trailers (as well as the cue excerpts released last spring) have featured exclusively gameplay music.  This documentary is your first example of what the cinematics and character themes sound like.

(UPDATED: Thanks to cory for pointing out in the comments that the official website has a bunch of my score playing on the main page!  Check it out:


R.I.P. Sarah Connor

She could escape annihilation from bloodthirsty cyborgs, but apparently not the broadcaster’s axe.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been cancelled.


Of course, I’m disappointed, even though the writing has been on the wall for quite some time.  The ratings slipped throughout Season 2, and we didn’t pass the “Friday Night Death Slot” test.

It’s both easy and misguided to blame the network, or assume that it would have survived if better promoted.  I believe that Fox did everything they could.  I think that we simply fell in the snare of network television expectation.  At the end of the day, these are financial decisions being made by financial institutions.  Remember, that if Battlestar Galactica aired on Fox, it would’ve been cancelled in two weeks (BG was technically an underperforming series even by Sci Fi Channel standards!).

CD Signing This Weekend!

I’ll be celebrating the release of the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles soundtrack in style this weekend with a signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank!  Also available from La La Land Records will be the recently released Eureka and Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back soundtracks.  If you’ve never been there, Dark Delicacies is a blast… a horror-themed store, perfect for any film buff on your Xmas list.

4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505
Saturday, December 13, 2008, 2pm 

Off topic… Did you see that Battlestar Galactica‘s most recent episode, “Revelations,” was named the Number 6 best episode of television this year by Time Magazine?  Number “6”?  Coincidence?  The clip they’re showing on their site features my work for choir and orchestra, “Diaspora Oratorio” (Beware of MAJOR spoilers if you haven’t seen the show).  


Terminator Soundtrack Release Date!

It’s finally official!  My soundtrack for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles goes on sale December 2nd!  (Perhaps a perfect holiday gift for any sci fi fans you know??)

The behind-the-scenes details of this album held us up for a while, but I’m thrilled to report that the discs are off to the manufacturers and are being prepared for distribution at this very moment.  Autographed copies will be available directly from La La Land Records on December 2nd, however I suspect they’ll go quickly.  The CD is already available for pre-order from

I’ll write a detailed entry about the album next week and post some audio clips.  In the meantime, here’s the OFFICIAL TRACK LISTING.  Remember, you heard it here first!  🙂



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