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Trauma Returns!

Contrary to completely unfounded rumors of a cancellation, Trauma returns TOMORROW to NBC, and airs every  Monday at 9/8c, beginning the completion of our first season!

To celebrate our return, I’ve decided to write a blog entry about my favorite cues I’ve written for the series thus far, including audio snippets.

First up, the Trauma Main Title:

[audio:|titles=Trauma Main Title]

One of a handful of TV theme songs to ever be in a 7/4 meter, this piece of music summarizes the intense energy of the show and introduces the core ensemble at the heart of the score: a rock and roll rhythm section.  In addition to the guitars, bass and drums, there is an added layer of manipulated sound effects, comprising of distorted and cut up ambulance sirens and helicopter rotors.  This isn’t just a theme song gimmick, these sounds are a vital part of the unique signature sound of the Trauma score. (more…)

Trauma Main Title Theme

Tonight’s second episode of Trauma will actually be the first one to feature my original “Trauma Main Title Theme.”

As far as I know, this is the only new series this fall with a theme song in 7/4.  Come to think of it, this TV show theme is the only one in 7/4 I can think of!  Is there one I’m forgetting about?  Mission: Impossible is the most famous example of a TV theme in 5/4, but surely there have to be some others in 7 out there, right?  Help me out here…


My New Series Premiere: Trauma

This Monday, September 28th on NBC at 9/8c, check out the premiere of my newest series!

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait a minute… this looks like a medical show.  But, if Bear is doing the score then this TV series must somehow involve cyborgs who look like sexy people that want to destroy and / or save humanity.” Alas, no.  Trauma represents my long-overdue step out of the sci fi genre.  But, don’t worry… with the rocket-pack-themed Dark Void videogame and BSG prequel series Caprica out in January, I’m in no danger of losing my sci fi cred just yet.  🙂

When I saw the first episode, I was hooked and knew it was a series I had to be involved in.  Executive produced by Peter Berg, Trauma is an action series disguised as medical drama that focuses on EMTs in San Francisco.  The show is shot and cut like a combat movie, where each sequence is infused with chaos and energy.  Because the action takes place out in the field, it has a much more open and dangerous feeling than most medical dramas.



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